Voices of the Week (03/07 – 10/07)

A collection of The Stories and interesting news articles, blog posts, studies, opinions, events, tweets about street harassment, sexual violence or related issues from the past week. All beautifully mixed together in Dutch – French – English. 
The Stories – De Verhalen – Les Histoires :

Vif: “…vroeg hun dat, als mijn twee broers dat bij hun zusje zouden doen of ze dan ook zo zouden lachen…”

Karine: “Ik probeerde ze af te schudden door de parking van het stadion op te lopen maar zij deden hetzelfde.”

Evelien: “Toen ik hen compleet negeerde, werden ze plots woedend,…”

Sarah: “Als het groen licht wordt hoor ik de auto achter me gierend vertrekken, voel me een opgejaagd wild.”

Pandora: “Ik zei beleefd “nee” en luisterde verder naar mijn muziek.”

Chloe: “By the time I got my french fries, I was exhausted from trying to get them to leave us alone, and unfortunately I broke down in tears”

Emma: “Là, il y en a 5 qui s’avancent vers moi. Prise de panique, je pense juste à “cacher” mon sac derrière moi…”


Reads :

HOLLAinterview with Maggie Hadleigh-West, Director of War Zone (US) – Hollaback! International

“You can delete the photos you’ve been taking of women’s body parts, or … .” (US) – Collective Action for Safe Places

10 Things You Can Do to Stop Violence Against Women (US) – The Pixel Project

Le nouveau project de loi sur le harcèlement sexuel (France) – Inter France

“Rien ne devrait innocenter un violeur” (France) – Elle

It happened to us all. Why casual sexual assault needs to stop being ‘one of those things’. (UK) – XoJaneUK

From Cat-Calling to Groping, Street Harassment is Everywhere…And It Happened to Me  (UK) – Grazia Daily

Sexual harassment on public transport must stop. (UK) – The Guardian

Woman in London successfully stops harassers at two construction sites (UK) – Stop Street Harassment

Sexual harassment of Libyan women (Libya) – Libya Herald

A History of Mob Violence  (Egypt) – International Herald Tribune

Cover up, he can’t help himself (Egypt) – Bikya Masr

Gems :

Angelika, a woman who stands up against street harassment  (BXL) – Angelika, one of the 4 site leaders from Hollaback!Brussels, speaks up at the Stagiaires’ Ideas That Matter conference.

New York University will soon become the first college to host its own on-campus Hollaback! (US) – Hollaback!International


Look&See’s :

HOLLAtoon of the Week: Harassment or Heat Stroke? (US) – Hollaback!International

Our survivor stories (US)

The Invisible War (trailer) (US)

Illegal to be you (UK) – Kaleidoscope Trust (#illegaltobeyou, it should never be a crime to be gay)


Tweets :

#SomePeopleNeedTo‬ put themselves into the position of the people they are harassing. And then stop doing it. #harassment‬ 

Great comic by @HollaBackABhttp://bit.ly/LVXxfN  Bystanders can do sth against street  #harassment‬!  #harcèlement‬‪ #seksueleintimidatie‬  #endSH

CollectiveActionDC ‏@SafeSpacesDC Metro-goer Confronts Sexual Harasser: http://bit.ly/N51cg1  #DC‬ ‪ #streetharassment‬ ‪ #endSH‬ ‪ #hollaback‬  #wmata‬


What’s up with Hollaback! around the World?

This week: Hollaback!Chandigarh (India)The Power of Sharing Stories – The Delhi Metro Incident


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