Get Involved!

Share Your Story!
We believe that highlighting the incidence and impact of street harassment will help to improve awareness of the problem and give victims a voice. Share your story here.
Tell Your Friends!
Spread the word about Hollaback! via Twitter and Facebook and help us create a global movement!
Volunteer with Hollaback! Brussels!
Send us an email and let us know what your skills are (ie: Translation, web work, organizing events… or just general interest in helping)!!
We keep a list of AWESOME FREELANCERS and will contact you when we have a project or event coming up!!
Set up a Hollaback! in your city!
Hollaback! works best when committed locals from individual cities take on harassment in their own streets. If you are interested in making this happen in your city, contact [email protected] at Hollaback! International for more information and advice.
Get in touch if you can help!
We hold regular street harassment meetings and workshops, inviting anyone who thinks they might be interested to come along and share ideas, plans and experiences (or just listen) on how we can tackle the issues surrounding street harassment.  
Please check our Facebook and Twitter  pages for updates. Dates will be posted there, as well as on the website.
We are always interested in art, photography and writing that is related to themes of sexism, gender equality and street harassment. Please send us any inspirational quotes or works of art you would like to share with us.
We are always looking for interesting research and statistics on Street Harassment for the site and press materials, and are currently looking at how Hollaback may be able to approach and involve teenagers to help spread the word and change attitudes, perhaps through youth groups or schools. 
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