Margot: “we began to climb the stairs, hearing them violently hitting the door””

It happened a month ago, does the start of a weekend make people more aggressive?

I do not know, but this evening was one of horror for us. Yet it started off promising. I went to dinner with two friends, but right then the valet parking guy got verbally assaulted with violent words such as “Go back to do your dog-job”, we were so scared that we asked our friend to go and warn the guy’s colleagues inside, the assailant noticed this and assaulted us verbally, so we decided to get inside the restaurant.

The evening continued at some friends’ place, they had just had their new apartment, but when we left it was their neighbor (well I guess) that we found in the hallway insulting us in a fury, calling us “dirty whores” and so on. This was too much, my roommate and I decided to call a taxi, for fear of getting mugged on the way home at 4:00 AM, he dropped us two blocks away from our flat Place des Terreaux (tight budget…), on our way, a car stopped, two guys asking us their way insistently despite our answers – but they ended up leaving, the street was deserted, we were already dying with fear…

200 meters further up our street, here comes another car, we were longing to get home fast after all this, we decided to keep going anyway – big mistake. Two other people in another car. They called at us. Panicked, I was unable to speak, we quickly moved to the door of our building (there were two young guys on the street that we know through a friend, we looked at them imploringly, THEY DID NOT BUDGE).

The two strangers reversed their car, they followed us still, I remember not even managing to open the door because I trembled so much. Once inside, we began to climb the stairs, hearing them violently hitting the door all the while. On the first floor, I turned and saw the now open door through the light of the stairs. We ran up to our apartment on the 5th floor. In my mind, I thought “if they catch us we’re dead, they’ll rape us”. They followed us but how far?… Our running must have made them laugh and then they left I guess…

We locked ourselves in, immediately called the police, but through the window we saw nobody coming………..Now when I go out I ‘m scared, I never go out without my pepper spray. I also think of taking a knife with me, because if justice won’t defend me, I will not just wait to get killed.

Margot. (Lyon, France)

I've got your back!

Original story in French. Translated into English by Turi = Our Heroine of the Day!!!

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  1. hollaback! brussels says:

    Bonjour Margot,

    Merci d’avoir partagé ton histoire avec nous.

    Ce qui t’es arrivé est vraiment horrible et prouve que le harcèlement est loin d’être un acte isolé dans la vie d’une personne…
    Nous comprenons la peur que tu ressens et nous remarquons à quel point elle t’affecte actuellement. Concernant un moyen de te défendre, nous te conseillons vivement des cours d’auto-défense, verbale et physique. Cela sera bénéfique pour toi et jouera favorablement sur ton moral.
    Nous espérons en tout cas qu’avoir pu t’exprimer sur cette histoire a eu un impact bénéfique pour toi.

    Nous sommes avec toi!

    Ton équipe d’Hollaback! Bruxelles

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