Call for Action: Rise against Belgian Rape Policy

On Tuesday April 30, there will be a demonstration against the lack of prosecution of rapes, that will take place at the Justitiepaleis / Palais de Justice (Place Poelaart) in Brussels. The demonstration will start at 8AM and will probably last a few hours. We won’t be moving from this location.

For this day marks the start of the trial of the accused “T.A.”. He is accused of having raped 14 girls and women including 12 who were underage. Chief witness and victim, Céline Camps, decided to take it upon herself to pursue the case.
We really want to show our support to Céline Camps who has boldly come forward with her story over the past few months. But above all, we really want this initiative to draw attention to the many rapes which go unprosecuted in our country. According to research done by the United Nations, every week 56 rapes and 5 gang rapes are reported in Belgium, yet only 4 percent of the perpetrators are prosecuted (Article in De Standaard, 29/11/2012).

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact us by email on [email protected] or get in touch via the Facebook group ‘Support Rape Victims: Rise Against Belgian Rape Policy!’

Earlier press mentions (in Dutch) of Céline Camps‘ court case:

• ‘Alle bewijs was er, toch kon hij blijven verkrachten’ (02/03/2013) Douglas De Coninck, De Morgen

‘Mijn verkrachter kon veel vroeger afgestopt zijn’ (03/03/2013), Cedric Lagast and Hans Van de Cauter – Het Nieuwsblad

‘Geweld tegen vrouwen. Het verhaal van Céline’ (07/03/2013), Hautekiet – Radio Eén

‘Moedige getuigenis van Céline bij Sam’ (07/03/2013), Zet ‘m Op Sam – Studio Brussel

The organising committee “Rise Against Rape”

With the full support of the Hollaback! Brussels team

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