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Hollaback! Brussels welcomes you all to CREATE a change, RECLAIM the streets and DANCE to shake this world into awareness so we can end violence against women now!

One out of every three women worldwide has been or will be a victim of violence in her lifetime… this means that one billion women have been or will be raped, abused and/or beaten.

This number imposes silence, astonishment, rebellion…

On February 14th, a movement will rise across the world in order to protest against this global crisis, demanding an end to violence against women – through dancing, singing and art. One billion women and Those That Love Them will gather in order to bring HOPE into this world.
Or in the words of V-day, the organization who has launched “One Billion Rising”: ‘One billion women dancing is a Revolution.’

Hollaback! Brussels will join this movement and welcomes you all to Strike, Dance, Rise with us!

On February, 14, at 6.30 pm, we’ll meet up at La Bourse. There we will form a circle. One after the other, we will share our ideas, how the world we’re aspiring for – the world for which we rise – looks like.

Upon finishing this circle, we invite you to join us for a short ‘chalk-walk’. Together we’ll reclaim the streets, armed with chalk, you can write down on the pavement what you need to express, what needs to be said.

When we regroup, live music will start playing and together we’ll play a dance-game of copying each others movements for a while.. only to go on improvising freely, move as we feel like it, dance together.

We’ll conclude this day in beauty by regrouping at Ekxi, La Bourse in order to chat, exchange our impressions or even to create future fights/actions!!!

To keep updated, please join our Facebook event.
Tweet: @VDAY @HollabackBXL with the hashtag #OBR, #BrusselsRising

There are 2 other events planned for ‘One Billion Rising’ in Brussels. We Hollaback! Brussels ladies will also participate and welcome you to come along if you feel like.
1) Flash mob, organized by the European Women Lobby, at 5.30 pm, Place de la Monnaie.
It needs some preparation :-). Watch the tutorial, learn the song and the choreography for the flash mob.
2) V-Night @seven will organize a V-Day afterparty at the Aloft Brussels Schuman. Everyone will be invited to continue rising and dancing until late in the night.

Your Hollaback! Brussels team

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