Censor Gay No Way !

IMG_0881On the 22nd of January, Hollaback! Brussels stood up in solidarity for LGBTQ – organisations and people in Russia.
With our OUTRAGE! friends and  several Belgian, European, LGBTQ – & Human Rights – organizations & their allies, we demonstrated in front of the Russian Embassy in Brussels.

The Russian Federation is about to vote on a law that would ban “homosexual propaganda” on a national level. Just last year, in Saint Petersburg, a similar proposal successfully passed on a city-wide level. If this new law passes, the Russian Federation will be able to hand out fines up to 12.000 Euro’s or sentence jail-time to those LGBTQ organizations and people that in their view are guilty of “propaganda”. In other words, the work of these organizations will be censored.

IMG_0855Furthermore, this would be the end of all anti-discrimination or HIV-prevention campaigns, it would be the end of all debate about LGBTQ rights – also in schools. A simple kiss in public between 2 LGBTQ individuals would be outlawed.
This law proposal is a sincere violation of Human Rights and it gives way to a legitimization of violence against LGBTQ people.

We reacted upon the international call of Russian LGBTQ organizations, with regards to the homophobic violence rife in Russia, with regards to the recent freedom of speech violations that Pussy Riot and many journalists are undergoing.

We stand in solidarity and demand that this new legislation doesn’t become a reality.

More info: Facebook event & Facebook page & more pics.
Amnesty International made a piercing video to denounce all the current violations of human rights in Russia.


Your Hollaback!Brussels team

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