Voices of the Week (11/07 – 18/07)

A collection of The Stories and interesting news articles, blog posts, studies, opinions, events, tweets about street harassment, sexual violence or related issues from the past week(s). All beautifully mixed together in Dutch – French – English. 
The Stories – De Verhalen – Les Histoires :

Sarah: “De man komt aggressief op me af, ik ga achteruit en probeer een gesprek aan te knopen.”

Emma: “J’ai dit bien fort “Arrêtez de me suivre où je vais me plaindre”. ”

Claire: “j’espère que nous allons toutes (et tous!) aider à changer cette mentalité!”

CouleurCafeFan: “In this city, if even men who are visibly beyond 70 years old cannot be trusted, I don’t call this ‘civilisation’ any more.”


Reads :

Zes jaar cel geëist voor gewelddadige seksuele intimidatie (BXL) – Brussel Nieuws

India shamed: Guwahati girl molested in full public view (India) – Hindustan Times

The harsh realities of sexual violence: Guwahati and beyond (India) –  Natasha Badhwar, LiveMint

Harcèlement sexuel : débat accéléré pour une loi urgente (France) – Libération

Le portable qui sauve des vies (France) –  Le Point

En République dominicaine, une épidémie de meurtres de femmes (République dominicaine) –  Le Monde

On The Reverse “10-5 Rule” and Walking While Female (US) – Collective Action for Safe Places

First encounters with the male gaze (US) – Rookie

Sexual Objectification, Part 1: What is it?  – Part 2: The Harm – Part 3: Daily Rituals to Stop (US) –  Ms Magazine

Gender politics don’t excuse sexist behavior (China) – China Daily

Homo’s, lesbiennes en transen worden “gezuiverd” in Honduras (Honduras) – ZiZo online

Gem :

Campagne: Je weet waar discriminatie begint … maar niet waar het eindigt  , Campagne tegen racisme en homofobie van Merhaba, Ella, Kifkif, Minderhedenforum, FMDO vzw en PAJ (België) – ZiZo online


Look&See’s :

Harcèlement au Liban : Dans la rue, les femmes inversent les rôles (Liban) – LorientlejourTube

How To Avoid Talking To People You Don’t Want To Talk To (US) – Jenna Marbles


Tweets :

#NeMeParlePasSi‬ tu veux seulement me harceler. J’en ai plein le dos. #harcèlement

Angelika’s speech about the movement, her personal experiences and why Brussels needs a Hollaback : http://on.fb.me/NtXSH7  Enjoy :)!‪ #ideasTM‬

#IfItWereUpToMe‬ I would end Street Harassment by snapping my fingers. *snap*

Just looking: A view of street harassment of women http://bit.ly/991lyg 


What’s up with Hollaback! around the World?

This week: Hollaback!Istanbul (Turkey): Open Call for Artists: Art exhibition concerning harassment/violence. Artists from all over the world can apply! Check it out we say!


Hollaback!BXL, Behind the Scenes :

So what’s HB!BXL up to? Well…

- We had a talk with Brussels’ MP (= parlementslid) Bianca Debaets about Hollaback, street harassment, sexism and what can we do about it.

- We’re organizing a “Self-defense class with tips on how to react to street harassment” together with Garance. The class will be held Saturday August, 25 in P.A.R.T.S, Brussels. More info soon! (Contact us if you would like to attend!)

- We’re meeting up with our partner/friends Outrage & Slutwalk Belgium to catch-up, exchange ideas and see what street action(s) we can organize together.

- Thursday July 26, at 8pm @ the Galeries Cinema: HB!BXL will participate in a debate about sexism in the streets of Brussels. The occasion for this debate is the première of the short documentary “Femme de la rue” (25 min), a personal view on the matter by director Sofie Peeters. Other debate participants are; Brussels’ MP Yamila Idrissi, Irene from Garance and the director herself. (Film will be in NL, FR & ENG/ Debate will be in NL). Wanna be there? Just send an email with your name and number of people accompanying you to [email protected].



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