Ally: “But…we made eye contact. Very bad.”

I would like to share my story too. I have more stories but this is the latest one. It happened in my neighbourhood which normally is safe, lots of street light, camera supervision (not sure if they work) but sometimes people can be so out of their mind that they do not care. Next to this it was one of the first very warm days of the year, in March. This also often adds fuel to the nasty behaviour of people that harass. They go even more mad.

I returned from an exhibition and managed to find a parking space. As I got out of the car, someone was calling, mademoiselle mademoiselle, at me. Normally I ignore this when it is later, but as it was not that late yet in the evening and thought that I had maybe dropped something, I turned around and looked at him. It was obvious then that it was a drunk guy who was planning to harrass me. But…we made eye contact. Very bad. This means that it was very clear to him that I heard him but chose to ignore him. (Most of the time when you ignore them immediately and make no eye contact, they assume that you have not heard them and accept it that you walk on without reacting).

This set him off and he started following me and started shouting the most awful things at me. Two men were walking past me on the street, looked disturbed at him but did not do anything. As I came near my appartement, he was closing in on me, still screaming the most awful things at me.

I quickly went around the corner and ran to my appartment. I got in on time.

Pfffff, lucky escape….but…the next day…I walk to the street where my car is parked to collect it and the rear screen is smashed in. All the cars in front and behind my car are not damaged, only my car. The harasser saw me coming out of my car. He must have returned to my car and smashed the rear screen in all his agression and anger.

I've got your back!


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  1. hollaback! brussels says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Ally. We are so glad you are safe and so sorry that this happened to you. We wish that people would leave others alone when they demonstrate that they are not interested, which you did very clearly. Please check out our resources page if you are interested in reporting these actions towards you and your property. Know that you can share as many stories, as often as you want on this site. We’ve got your back.
    –The HB Brussels Team

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