Flashmob 30/04: Proposals on notepads

(This post is a follow-up on a previous post).

At the end of our first flashmob on Monday the 30th of April at Gare Centrale we collected some proposals on notepads.

We started a dialogue and notepads were available so that participants and passersby could anonymously write ideas for solutions: how do you think we can put an end to street harassment? what do you do when you get harassed, threatened? Do you have any tips? What you do as a bystander?


Here are a few of the responses….

We are putting these into practice and trying them out– but let’s not stop here!
We want to hear your ideas and/or tips! If you have a proposal for us, don’t hesitate to send us an email with the words: “My proposal”. We’ll be happy to post it on our site in the future and if we can, help you bring it to fruition.
Together we can end street harassment in Brussels!

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